Our Mission

   As God’s people we are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Therefore the Mission of Living Faith Baptist Church is to proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name. As such we will be:

  • Growing into His likeness and commitment to God and leading others to do the same.
  • Going to those locally and beyond in His name.
  • Glorifying God as Jesus did in all that we say and do.

Our Vision

   We envision a worshipping, maturing, and growing community of Faith and family that believes, applies, and is faithful to the Bible and its teachings while seeking to presently engage Ohio County, Daviess County, and the modern world with the message, love, and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

Our Purpose

We are a body of baptized believers, a part of God’s Kingdom, governed by Jesus Christ, with the Bible as our sole authority. Our purpose is to please God and experience the joy of the Lord as we minister in His name by spreading the Gospel in our community and throughout the world, establishing new believers firmly in the faith while edifying all believers through the preaching, teaching and living of His Word.