Before coming to Living Faith, you may have questions, hopefully we can answer them for you.  If you do not see your question, please feel free to contact us at: or through social media channels.



Q: What can I expect in your worship service?

A:  We are a very laid back and friendly congregation. Our praise band will lead you in worship with music that is modern and culturally relevant.  Pastor Greg will preach a message that is Biblically sound, easy to relate to, and in a style that you can understand.  If cows are your thing, this is the place to be!

Q: When are your services?

A:  We have an early worship service at 8:30AM on Sunday morning and then we have another worship service at 11AM.  Our Small Groups and Sunday School meet at 10am.

Q: We have children, do you offer childcare?

A:  We have  “Sunday Morning Shine” for our children and a nursery for babies and toddlers.


Q: Do I have to dress up to attend Living Faith?

A:  While man looks at the outside appearance, we know that God looks at the heart.  We follow God.  There is no dress code at LFBC. Most people are dressed very casual. In the summer you will see shorts and sandals. No matter what, we hope you won’t feel out of place. You will find people wearing everything from jeans to ties!


Q: Do I need to tithe or give an offering?

A:  As a visitor, we would prefer that you tithe to your home church.  If you are new to the whole church thing, God asks that you give 10% of your first fruits. This is entirely up to you and is not expected of any visitor to Living Faith.


Q: What if I’m “shy” or not very sociable?

A:  We have many different personality types at our church and just as God loves them, so do we!


Q: Will I be singled out if I visit Living Faith?

A:  NO.  We will not pester you if you fill out the welcome card. We won’t make you stand up nor will we single you out. Our desire is to connect with you.